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IP Changes!
We have recently moved from Dallas, Texas to San Jose, California to have the server on a solid state drive, making loading chunks faster (so you can fly around easily) this means we had to change the IP, not a problem, I was totally fine with that, the problem is, its a shared IP and I don't get the default port :25565 so you can't login with MC.K1L.ME you would have to login with MC.K1L.ME:25572 because of this we would lose all of our regulars because we have no way of contacting you, so I will eventually change back to MC.K1L.ME but for now, we are using TEMP.K1L.ME:25572 until all the regulars are informed about the changes and they can access the server again, I am trying my best to get a default port, I'm entitled to it, but for now, there is nothing I can do, something like this is going to happen again, so please enter your email below, all the best -Micheál.

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[b]IP: TEMP.K1L.ME:25572[/b]

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